Quy trình của dây chuyền sản xuất máy rạch

Quy trình của dây chuyền sản xuất máy rạch


Process flow of slitting machine production line

Loading: transport the metal strip to the starting position of the slitting machine production line, and feed the strip 

into the production line through the loading device.

Uncoiling: Use the uncoiling device to unwind the metal strip to ensure that the strip is flat and wrinkle-free for 

subsequent shearing operations.

Slitting: The core equipment in the slitting machine production line, the metal strip is cut longitudinally according to 

the preset size through a high-speed rotating blade. During the shearing process, the relative position of the blade 

and the strip needs to be controlled to ensure shearing accuracy.

Slitting: According to customer needs, the metal strip after slitting is divided into strips, that is, a wide strip is divided 

into multiple narrow strips. During the striping process, it is necessary to ensure that the width, spacing and other 

parameters of the strips meet the requirements.

Inspection and finishing: Conduct quality inspection on the slit strips, including inspection of thickness, width, 

surface quality, etc. Unqualified strips need to be trimmed or removed.

Unloading and packaging: Transport qualified metal strips to the unloading device and pack them to facilitate 

subsequent storage and transportation.

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